Cause And Effect Of Nazi Propaganda

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Throughout ww2 propaganda seemed to be the main thing that got into everybody 's head. It changed the way that they thought about other countries and the way that they thought about their own country. Hitler did a great job at using propaganda to control the minds of his country, but he didnt use it for good. It wasn 't just in Germany that propaganda was used. It was used it just about every country but mainly in Britain, France and America. 8 Nazis used propaganda to spread their message throughout Germany. They used art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials and the press. They wanted to make sure that the citizens in Germany only thought that Germany was a good country. They planted a bad image of every other country in their heads. Propaganda would often portray images reminding them of the struggle with foreign enemies and the Jewish subversion. The propaganda was often very harsh and violent towards Jewish people. A lot of the propaganda that everyone saw was fake. Nazis would often cover up a fake broadcast and cancel out all other radio stations so that the German citizens would not here all of the other propaganda going on. There were many events that would detract from nazi propaganda but the most famous is Kristallnacht or Jones 2 also known as the night of broken glass. This is were the Nazis and other Germans were ordered to go to the Jewish shops and buildings and destroy them with bats and burn them with fire. All Jewish civilians
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