Cause And Effect Of Online Learning Essay

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Theme: Education Narrow : The cause and effect of online learning Lai Che Hui (1001541419) Loo Yee Qi (1001541775) Now a days, a lot of people of the frequently to use technology or electronic products in any way or any time and of course most important is the Internet. A lot of schools started to use online learning to replace traditional paper based teaching method and submit the assignment. Basically, online learning had been widely accepted and practiced throughout the world. There’s tones of online learning student around the world, but did they ever think about what are the benefits they actually enjoyed on online learning? First of all, what is online learning? Online learning is a communication between lecturer and student without physically contact. The Online learning also can save up a lot of time from the lecturer and the students. Through online learning, students can get all the info’s that lecturers provide in the class. Some classes only need online learning and not physically there. Lecturer also will provide some power point slide to ensure each and every students get the notes in the online system. One of the pros of online learning is when teacher interview students taking online courses, the students will…show more content…
This will also save the time of both. Social interaction is where you don’t understand about the homework or even the lecturer slides to be asked in the group discussion through social Medias such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and many more. In this method, students can save their time not to make any appointment with the lecturer and meet them physically. Some of the students are afraid to approach with lecturer or anyone physically and hence we have online learning can solve this problem. Then, some students or lecture can use online learning when they are sick or face some problem that’s cause them can’t take a attendance in
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