Cause And Effect Of Overpopulation

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Fertility rates have been rising over the past few years with six children per woman in 1952-1957 (Abernethy 86). The overpopulation situation also tends to lead to environmental problems with making too much energy and killing the environment. Countries with overpopulation tend to have a lot of governmental problems because the countries try to stretch too far for its own good. Another problem that can occur is food and water shortage, and sometimes countries cannot provide that for their country. The ever-looming threat of overpopulation can cause a worse environment, deplete the resources of smaller governments, and can generate food and water shortages. Overpopulation contributes to the earth’s worsening environment. With worsening environmental conditions in cities, a canyon-like heat-trapping effect is being created. The canyon heat-trapping is caused by high rise buildings which form heat island effects. Urban heat island effect is defined as having a higher air and surface temperature (Leiwen 35). Those heat effects make cities a warmer environment due to their buildings and how much air pollution they have. The chemicals caused by these heat effects can reduce the quality of bodies of water and damage marine ecosystems (Leiwen 36). Those chemical wastes are causing many problems, hurting the environment, and hurting the people and animals around it. With the fast growth of leaking chemicals, current facilities cannot detect, clean, and make other facilities to rid
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