Cause And Effect Of Persuasive Essay On Concussions

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As an athlete, injuries are common and steps are taken to prevent them. However, imagine dealing with a concussion, which people think are not serious. A concussion is caused by force or pressure to the head in a direct or indirect ways changing the brain's internal factors. This may not sound serious, but according to Central Disease control and prevention every concussion doesn't seriously matter how minor. High school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes have one thing in common: the risk of a concussion. Highs schools and communities should take more actions to prevent these events from occurring because an increase in number of concussions, major health effects and future risks. Every year, many of youth and high school athletes receive a concussion due to sport. Concussions are common and could be potentially the most dangerous injuries athletes suffer from. In the recent years, doctors and players are giving more attention to concussions due to increased awareness, of the effects caused by repeated concussions. Furthermore, no sport is immune to concussions every sport has concussion related injuries. As a result, one out five high school athletes suffers a sports concussion. Thus, impacts the student athlete tremendously as they become a sideline watcher. In the…show more content…
“We have had a number of concussions in the past two years,” Soccer Coach Philip Roper said. “I would say I have dealt with more concussions in the past two years than the previous five combined” (Harper 1). Concussions are a silent, but a huge epigamic for the athletes involved. If you're an athlete and dealt with a concussion, then you're a part of the majority that suffers from concussions. Lastly, help the majority and make our sports safer from being plagued by

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