Cause And Effect Of Population Growth

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As we humans exploit nature to meet present needs, are we destroying resources needed for the future? The human population is growing more than ever before, and has accelerated tremendously over the past 500 years [see figure 1]. Every 12 years, we are adding one billion people to the planet, which is about 220,000 per day. This is causing a number of problems towards the environment. With most developed economies currently consuming resources much faster than they can revitalize, most developing countries with rapid population growth face the urgent need to improve their living standards. Since the beginning of the century, natural resources have been under increasing pressure, threatening public health and development. Water shortages, soil…show more content…
Although the most polluted areas of the world are not necessarily the most populated, population growth is still a major cause. In 2010, the number of cars in the world had already exceeded 1 billion, but within the next year, representatives from China and India’s populations were in the process of shedding their bicycles in favor of more sophisticated transportation, which caused even more pollution. Even though using a bike was a better way of getting around, the quality of the air was already very poor and biking was too dangerous from all of the traffic; the result of having so many cars. As the population grows and time goes by, more and more cars are being added to the world, with more pollution being emitted each time they are used. water…show more content…
This includes locations such as Brazil, Nigeria and Indonesia, which are all at the top of the list [see figure 2]. As agriculturally based population density increases in, as well as near, forested areas, the strongest relationship between population growth and deforestation occurs, as local people and young migrant families arrive at the forest frontier and clear land to provide more area for settlement, as well as for subsistence farming, which is used for food production. The poorer the soil quality, the lower the agricultural production per hectare, and the more land per capita is likely to be cleared. This threatens the well-being and livelihoods of millions of people who heavily depend on forest resources, and is particularly devastating for women and children in poor rural communities.

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