Cause And Effect Of Procrastination

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This investigation analyses the causes and effects of procrastination and explores a range of measures suitable to cease this destructive habit. The information for this report has been gathered from both printed and electronic sources namely published books, online journal articles, newspaper articles and psychological websites. It was found that procrastination is mainly driven by the fear towards failure and imperfection. Ineffective time spending and poor time allocation is also a root cause of procrastination. Procrastination may deteriorate procrastinator’s health in which procrastinators suffer high stress leading to other chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease (CVD) and hypertension. Frequent postponement and delaying of work may compromise one’s performance as cognitive process dampen time is limited. Nevertheless, the detrimental effects of procrastination can be hindered by avoiding unrealistic goals through simple techniques such as Best, Worst, Real Exercise and Design Thinking Principles. Strong time management by prioritizing tasks and dividing tasks into smaller portions can also avert procrastination. It is clearly evident that procrastination brings nothing but harm to procrastinators, hence it is crucial for people especially students to recognize the symptoms of procrastination and espouse appropriate initiatives as this destructive behaviour could potentially affect their health and achievement. 1. Introduction Procrastination has been

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