Cause And Effect Of Shopping Addiction

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CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF SHOPPING ADDICTION Today, shopping has become one of the most popular activities. Increases of shopping malls and online shopping opportunities make it easier to purchase. Many people like shopping. When almost many people come across some problems about their careers, families etc. they think that shopping is going to be good idea for them. Especially women, to get rid of stress by shopping and discharge themselves in this way. However it can be considered as a serious impulse control disorder and obsession by the extent of the addiction from shopping love. The shopping addiction can not be related to wealth. It can be so comfortable for the purchaser to buy something insignificant, trivial or very cheap. Shopping…show more content…
If these impacts of shopping addiction are mentioned, there are more than one psychological effects on these consumers. According to DeSarbo and Edwards, compulsive buying can be linked to individual psychological traits such as dependence, denial, depression, lack of impulsive control, low self-esteem, approval seeking, anxiety, escape coping tendencies, general compulsiveness, materialism (envy), isolation, excitement seeking, and perfectionism (Briney, 1989; Christy, 1993; Edwards, 1992, 1994a; Faber, 1992; Faber & O'Guinn, 1988a, 1988b, 1989; Hanley & Wilhelm, 1992; O'Guinn & Faber, 1987a, 1987b, 1989; Scherhorn et al., 1990; Valence et al., 1988). If psychological effects are considered, the compulsive buyer seeks self-confidence and feelings of personal power through the shopping and spending money. Ultimately, as compulsive buying moves toward addiction, low self-esteem might not only be a preceding to addictive buying but also a result of the cycle of addiction. The individual finally experiences fear and guilt because of the inability to control his or her buying behaviour. For this reason the more extreme the buying addiction, the lower an individual’s self-esteem. In addition to the psychological effects on the consumers mentioned beforehand, the individual who is drawn into this shopping whirlpool. After a while, this individual can be harmed economically. When a married woman a compulsive buyer is exemplified, troubles, irresponsibilities can be revealed in her relationships and marital conflicts may emerge associated with overspending. Furthermore it can lead to divorce. It can be said that there are many negative economical impacts as well as psychological effects. Shopping malls under capitalism have an influential role to influence negatively budgets of buyers. One of the most

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