Cause And Effect Of Social Media Essay

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THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA Today, i want to write about the effects of social media for its users. Many people all around the world use social media. Social media has many types. There are line, bbm, whatsapp, facebook, kakaotalk, we chat, twitter, ask fm, etc. But social media has negative effects and positive effects. The negative one is make the people addicted, can harm mental health for its user and cybercrime. The positive one is can build and improve relationship with each other and to earn money. Social media can make the people to be addicted to use social media. Like make the people forget the time. It can make the people only focus on their phone, in family time, hangout with friends, in friend’s birthday party. Indirect, it can make anti social for other people. Because the people do not tell a story or sharing with other or their friend, and who was addicted just got focused on their phone. It can inhibit or decrease an ability to communicating with other people or relationship with other. Social media can harm mental health for its users. If the user do not use social media wisely. Why? Because nowadays many people use social media for bullying each other. And the victim of their bully will feel depressed and frustated. Indirect it can increase chance for…show more content…
Most of the people use social media as a place to black trade or black market, such as selling a part of human body. Like heart, liver, balleyes, nefron, brain, etc. Not just for selling a part of human body but it can be a place to pay the people for kill the target that we want. Nowadays we know it as deepweb or forbidden site. And they use a bit coin for transaction or pay the hitman. Only certain people can acces the deepweb. Of course only people have much money can access on the deepweb or forbiden site. Because price of the bit coin so expensive. They will use their money to make them happy by seeing a murder, seeing persecution of people on the

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