Cause And Effect Of Social Media

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Effect of Social Media
According to Mc Graw Hill, social media is a tool used by people to interact with each other by creating, sharing, and exchanging information and ideas in a virtual network and community.
According to M. L. Kent (2013) social media is any from of interactive communication media that enables the occurance of two way interaction and feedback. Social media makes your day feel different and colored. Because almost every people use social media, right? Social media is the way to make some people can interact with other people. In millenial era, social media i very important so they used it. Some people used social media to get know more about new information and became to more updated. But some people used it to misbehave or do bully to some people in social media.
Social media makes a special effect nd changes the world. They use a social media to do a cyber bullying. Some people feel they so famous in the social media, and it makes they addicted to social media.
Excessive use a social media can also affect health problems. Especially eye strenght, because we always staring at our mobile screen, other effect are also present on our fingers. Its because we often us our finger to scrool in the mobile phone screen.
Next, social media can make netizen ( term for social media user’s) do an evil plan. They used a social media as a tool for do fraud to other people.
Social media can makes us not focus, because we always use a gadget and social media
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