Cause And Effect Of The European Age Of Exploration

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Already in video: The Age of Exploration (otherwise known as the Age of Discovery) started in the 1400s and persisted through the 1600s. It was a period of time when European societies started investigating the globe. They found new routes such as India and the Americas. There were many circumstances that contributed to the European age of exploration. One of the most notable causes was the increase in trade and the rising prices of goods. Trade increased between Italy and the Ottoman Empire. This offered resources to places that didn’t have access to it before, making other people want to explore further to get more of the resources. Another cause was the crusades spread and finding new resources and wealth in Asia. An effect of this was the spark of interest in merchandise from Asia, eventually sparking more …show more content…

The last cause is, to gain political power. For example, Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Spain agreed to fund Christopher Columbus in the hope that his success would bring them greater status. To better security and gain political power. This caused not only Spain but many other countries to take exploring more seriously in order to gain power, influence, wealth, and property. The age of exploration, though was caused by a plethora of events and reasons. The most important were the crusades, the increase in economic prosperity, and Europe's motivation for power.

New added information extending from Europe to the Americas and Africa: Europe was not the only place that was explored and colonized at this time. Believe it or not both Africa and the Americas were too. The Americas were originally explored with the hope of finding more resources and gold. Not only did countries like Spain find some of the resources theay were looking for but, their meeting of Native Americans gave them a new reason: the business of growing sugar cane. So all because countries were looking for new resources, it lead them to rely on Native Americans as enforced labor to make

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