Cause And Effect Of Water Pollution

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There are numerous effects of water pollution. Some of these effects can be recognized immediately, whereas others are not recognized immediately, thus may show up for months or years. Some of these effects of water pollution include: The damage in food chain. When the water is toxicated, the toxins will move from the water to animals who drinks the water and when humans also eat the meat of these animals the toxic is transferred to them which is definitely going to cause damage.
Spread of diseases through polluted water. Infectious diseases such as typhoid and cholera can be spread or contracted from drinking contaminated water. The human heart and kidneys can be badly affected by regularly consuming polluted water. Other health associated problems includes poor blood circulation, skin lesions, vomiting and damage to the nervous system. This diseases or health problems are leading cause of death for humans across the globe.
Acid rain is also one of the effects of the water pollution. It contains sulfate particles which are harmful fish or plant life in lakes and rivers. Higher acidity usually hinders some fish and water plants from reproducing, growing and surviving. In acidified lakes and streams, entire fish populations have disappeared due to the water quality.
When the water bodies are polluted, it alters the overall chemistry of the water. These pollutants will cause changes in acidity, temperature and conductivity of the water. All these

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