Cause And Effect Essay: Why Do Students Cheat

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Cause and Effect Essay Students in the digital age if given the chance will cheat. Research shows that students will cheat weather they know they are right or wrong. This is not a surprise, students will cheat given the chance. Cheating wasn’t a problem until technology came out. If there is a restriction on technology and schools for all grades than maybe cheating will fade away in schools.
Study shows that one reason why students cheat is because they feel as if they almost have to because of their peers. In their article, “Source Is Important When Developing A Social Norms Campaign to Combat Academic Dishonesty”, Jennifer N. Engler and Joshua D. Landau maintains that “By this account, students cheat because they believe that their peers
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Now they have to get a minimum wage paying job and live off of that until they can get into a different school or at least a better paying job. If they live in a strict family than the family will probably be disappointed and not help their child with their financial problems. Now that student is living in a crummy apartment o the worst side of town with a minimum wage paying job all because they cheated.
Students cheat because they are scared to fail. All students want in school is to get good grades and sometimes they will get desperate and being desperate leads to cheating. When students cheat all they think about is getting a good grade most of the time. Other students don’t care about school and they cheat. This can affect not only the student his/her self if they get caught but it can affect the class and how other students learn, because if one student sends out a test or homework than other students will have it and then pretty soon most students will have it and not have learned anything.

There’s is no conclusion to cheating, because no matter what, students will cheat weather they know if it 's right or wrong. A student will always try and find the easy way out that is why they cheat and unless we take technology away from students or put an age limit on their phones there will always be cheating in

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