Cause And Effect On Climate Change

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Change is not a new phenomenon, however, the speed of change in these recent years is alarming! Climate Change is the name given to significant changes in weather patterns over a long period. This affects Global Warming because the weather patterns are changing dramatically which increases the global temperatures. Climate change is not a new fact.
The thesis I advance is that this is ultimately down to human activity and the impact it has on the Earth’s climate. Increasing global temperatures is destroying natural habitats, decreasing life expectancy and ruining the economy. Human factors have increased the number of greenhouse gases such as CO2, CH4, N2O trapping the heat in the atmosphere not letting the gases escape into space. The natural greenhouse gas effect lets heat escape into space as there is less remitted heat whereas the human-enhanced greenhouse effect lets less heat escape into space. The greenhouse gases act like a blanket restoring the heat into the atmosphere because there is more remitted heat.
One idea to explore is that increasing greenhouse gases, increases the global temperatures which significantly impacts on the climate even if the temperature rises a few degrees which damage lives and creates havoc in the economy. For instance, in the Sahel Desert, the region has recorded 20 years of severe drought and in late November and December 2015, there have been severe floods across the UK. Increasing temperature is caused by greenhouse gases which become
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