Cause And Effect On Computer Crime

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According to the book entitled”Computer Technology and Social Issues”, In terms of dollars, probably the biggest form of computer crime is software privacy. A poll of 900 PC Computing readers found 92% admitted to having used illegal software (Atelsek, 1992:202). When multiplied over tens of millions users, the costs of software piracy are staggering. However, costs are theoretical. (Garson, 1995). Computer crime is a big disadvantage in the economy of the world, it is a broad crime in which, suspects are unknown. Software piracy is one of the computer crime which totally affects the whole world, and the company affected by the software privacy. According to Yusop Masdal, The main attack lies in hindrance or obstruction of free speech in the internet as the libel clause is generally vague and unspecific about the actions that has been prohibited, having considered that millions of online users post and published, innumerable amount of messages, likes and shares especially on Facebook which is very broad, on the daily evidences and facts especially in the social media, as well as thousands of bloggers and comments of users having their own personal Internet interface accounts. (Masdal, 2014). In social media people can freely express their expressions without any boundary or limits, you just need to be a good user of internet, but because of this new law that limits the boundary of the people to express their thoughts and ideas in social media, we can say that this law

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