Cause And Effect Speech

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Cause / Effect Speech Outline Name: Sirapat Jongsriwattanaporn (Beau) Number: 5888065 Topic: 3 causes that make the gold price down and up. Opening: Use full sentences. Include the Attention Grabber, who, why (the cause or effect you will discuss) and what you will talk about (the 3 causes / effects linked to the why stage) with headings for each. Attention Grabber Has everyone ever wonder with fluctuation of the gold? If you wonder you should listen that I will talk about price of gold. who I’m Sirapat Jongsriwattanaporn. Student ID is 5888065 I’m from 3B. why Today, I will talk about 3 causes that make the gold price down and up. I think the topic is interesting for me and I want to talk to others to understand. What I talk about 3 causes that make the gold price down and up. First cause is the US dollar. Second cause is political risk, and the last cause is inflation rate. Transition:…show more content…
Include the signal, summary (What), conclusion (Why) and closing remarks (Presentations in English page 14). Signal: As I say it all, this is why prices of gold always change over time. And next, I will summary that all I talked. Summary: That I talk above I talk about 3 causes. First, the US dollar. Second, political risk, and third is inflation rate. They are causes of price of golds are change all time. And I talk 1 effect of price of gold that change all time. Conclusion: These graph shows price of gold in each day. The vertical x axis represents months and y axis represents price of gold. If today price of gold is down people will buy gold for to profit when price of gold is up, and price up people don’t to buy gold. So causes of price of gold is effect with people who want to buy and sell that people should buy or sell the gold or not? If people who buy the gold when price is down people are happy but when price is up people feel so bad because it is expensive. Closing Remarks: Opportunity seldom knocks twice. Thank you for
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