Cause And Effects Essay: The Effects Of Smoking Tobacco

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The Effects of Smoking Tobacco
Smoking cigarettes is known to be a direct cause contributing to cancer and numerous heart diseases. With addiction issues, those who smoke will not only get the effects of the tobacco but, they will also receive the cancer-causing chemicals which can lead to health issues such as heart disease and respiratory problems. Some medical concerns are hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Many people believe that it is easier to use tobacco to hook these individuals and get them addicted to the product. Even with other individuals in the same vicinity as the smoker, second hand smoke can and will, over time effect those individuals with the same damaging results. Tobacco companies have been
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Each lung has thousands and thousands of little sacks called, alveoli. These little alveoli are at the very end of the capillary system which allows exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The simple action of exchanging these two gasses are one of the reason the body is able to function and survive. Naturally, the human body requires this exchange to off gas the toxins and bring about the oxygen which; is a necessity for all human body tissue, especially the heart and brain. With the action of smoking tobacco through cigarettes, the lungs bring in toxic gases through the process of combustion and not only cloud the lungs with this gas but, inhibits the ability to oxygenate efficiently. In any case, when the body is insulted with something that is different from what it wants or needs; it tries to normalize that and make it homeostasis. Normally, the body wants to maintain the breathing rate based on the amount of carbon monoxide read by the central nervous system throughout the body’s receptors. Over time, the body redirects and starts to feed its respiratory drive off of the hypoxic drive, due to the now normal decreased oxygen saturation. There is now a direct correlation to nicotine in the blood stream that causes negative effects on the function of the human

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