Cause And Effects Of Air Pollution

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For generations, humans have been pouring waste into our environment, not thinking of the effects that would later come. But only now, decades later, we are coming to face the consequences of our disastrous actions. It is only now that we are coming to face the cold harsh truth of it, and still yet our world is cheerfully digging the grave for Earth and all humanity with it. People and animals are dying everyday because of pollution. Not only air pollution is causing this problem but water pollution, climate change and global warming too. These effects of Pollution are causing huge impacts on life on Earth including the complete extinction of multiple species. How many more lives do we have to lose, in order to to take action for this problem? This essay will completely explore and reveal the history of pollution and alternative energy, along with the effects and solutions to solve this terrible problem. Pollution has been around for years but the real question is when did it really start? This global issue first began in the sixteenth century when South American was taken over by the Spanish. The land the Spanish conquered included mines the Incas had made before. So once the Spanish got a hold of their mines they began to pump lead clouds among the Andes. The Spanish were then sent home wealthy and known as the “world’s first industrial-scale toxic metal air polluters”, according to the article, Air Pollution Has Been a Problem Since the Days of Ancient Rome . Not

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