Cause And Effects Of Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Mesopotamia (mashed potatoes) means 2 rivers between land. Mesopotamia settled on the Fertile Crescent because the soil there was so rich. Food was scarce in the Fertile Crescent, back then you could not be a fussy eater or a vegan. It was a marshy place in Mesopotamia, it was hard surviving there. The 2 rivers in Mesopotamia were ”Tigris and Euphrates. They invented a wheel, if they had not made a wheel we most likely not have cars today. 5000 BCE to 3500 BC, they were a primitive tribe. The rivers were a blessing and a curse, the blessing was rivers helped them with growing crops and getting water, the cures was, once every year there was a flood and destroyed all their crops.

The article was cause and effect (Ancient Mesopotamia

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