Cause And Effects Of Bullying In Schools

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Nearly over 3.2 million students are victims of being bullied each year. Bullying is an aggressive act towards another person to hurt them physically, emotionally, or mentally. They choose someone as their target, they go for someone more vulnerable weaker than them someone they know will not defend themselves. If schools make stricter policies for bullying in their school it could increase school performance, reduce bullying, and self- harm. As a matter of fact, if schools were to make their policies more effective it could increase school performance. Children who are being bullied would have better academic achievement and a better experience throughout their school years. In the text it states, “However, 24% of students in the study suffered chronic bullying throughout their school years, which was consistently related to lower academic achievement and less engagement in school, said lead researcher Gary Ladd, a psychology professor at Arizona State University” (Arbor). This means that as students were being bullied every year it led to them not showing up to school and not focusing on their school work. Awarenesses about bullying have become more popular in schools, homes, even the government. In the text it states, “The study included annual surveys administered by researchers to the students, teacher evaluations, and standardized reading and math test scores. Students described their own experiences about bullying in questions that asked whether they had been

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