Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

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Changes in climate relate to changes in surrondings and often , as an example, temperature, precipitation, and wind over the course of months to several years. More widely, climate refers to changes in atmosphere (gaseous envelope surrounding the earth), layer (water on the surface of the earth), cryosphere (snow, ice, and land on and below the surface of the world and ocean), land surface, and region (ecosystems and organisms living within the atmosphere, land, and oceans).When we point out temperature change, we tend to accept its effects on our surroundings like melting polarice caps, extreme swings in weather, additional frequent droughts, flooding, and incidences of natural disasters. When we rely on climatic changes, mental state may…show more content…
Direct impacts like rising temperatures seem to put a psychological problems strain on vulnerable ones . Higher rates of heat strokes with higher rates of delirium are ascertained with psychology or mental sequeles of agitation, confusion, and death.There are multiple factrs for this causes. These could be due to adequate shelter during heat, poor hydration, and increased heat related adverse afftects on psychotic problems. Rising temperatures are related with accrued aggression and violence. This could well replicate agitation and despair within the presence of unendurable circumstances and lack of access to basic needs like water, food, and tolerable living conditions. There's evidence proof of elevated cortisol levels under conditions of maximum heat .Indirect impacts affects the mental health due to loss of beloved ones,loss of money etc.This could cause anxiety,depression,suicidal thoughts etc.Figure-1 below shows how climatic changes can affect humans in various ways especially the one which is not focused or taken into consideration our mental…show more content…
In studies conducted temperature, humidity ,the length of the day and intensity of sunlight were found to influence suicidal behavior in large population-based studies. It was proposed that sunlight,through interaction with the serotonergic systems ie a nerve ending that releases and is stimulated by serotonin is of particular importance in this matter. Even short-term changes in lighting conditions can affect depression-like behaviour in rodents and lead to changes in brain monoamine transmission. Also a higher ambient temperature has already been assumed to be involved in serotoninergic neurotransmitter systems leading to impulsiveness and aggression, presumably influencing suicide.Previous studies showed that females conducted more suicides than males when temperature increased.The mental health effects due to climatic changes are gaining little attention now than before.There can be long term or short term,acute or chronic effect on an individual. Acute and chronic mental health effects include the

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