Cause And Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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“Hurricane Katrina itself did a great deal of damage, but its aftermath was catastrophic” (History). On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall at 6:10 am on the Louisiana Coast as a category 4 storm. As with many hurricanes and storms, evacuations are ordered for the safety of the people. Despite the numerous amount of Hurricanes and storms that have ravaged throughout the Gulf Coast, the area was not prepared for it. Many chose to not obey the order of evacuation and decided to remain in their homes. “Almost 80% of the city’s population had evacuated. Tens of thousands of others chose to wait out the storm at home” (History). Some people were physically not capable of going onto the road and fleeing from the city. Money, transportation and disability seemed to be the major conflicts of this situation. Therefore, the super dome and the convention center were used as the main buildings occupied for shelter. “Each filled with more than twenty thousand people” (Treaster 89). However, the super dome was never meant to be used as a shelter, everyone started to invade the building hoping that the vast amount of space would hold the majority of them. The idea of turning the super dome into a shelter was great for only one night.

Being in the nursing profession provided a lot of complications during this time of the storm. Hospitals were invaded by patients and people that were seeking shelter from Katrina. The New Orleans Charity Hospital as well as the University

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