Cause And Effects Of Manifest Destiny

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When America broke free from Great Britain they had the idea to expand westward. In the 1800’s the idea of Manifest destiny came up, it was the belief that it was “The God-given right to expand from coast to coast.” Many Americans liked the idea of expanding west but there were still people in the north who prefer they wouldn't expand. Americans were starting to become congested in the land they had, some already started to move into Texas because of Stephen Austin who created a deal to let American settlers come into Texas and live under their law. Texas wanted to become part of America, but America said no, they disliked the idea of Texas being part of America because, they believed it would start a war between them and Mexico, and it would…show more content…
America would pay them 25 million dollars for it, Mexico refused, and America placed troops at the border, and Mexico shot first. During the war, Americans came up with the idea that all the new land they would gain from Mexico would be free states the idea was called the Wilmot Proviso it was created in 1846 on August 8. America fought and got the land, and Manifest Destiny really took a jump from there. Manifest Destiny decreased Native Americans population by a large amount, it expanded slavery and increased tensions between the north and south states.

Manifest Destiny lowered the population of the Native Americans by a significant amount. As Americans moved westward they would hunt Buffalo for fun which killed Natives Buffalo. A population map shows the population of non-Indians and Indian population during the time the Americans started to really expand west.
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The north generally brought ideas of the industry while the south brought ideas of slaves and plantations. Both the north and south were very separate from each other, which caused tensions between them. Document 7 shows Americans expanding west, in the background, the north are bringing industries while in the front the south is bringing ideas of agriculture and slavery. This verifies that Manifest Destiny increased tensions between the north and south because the north brings different ideas in which the south disagrees with. If the south disagrees with the north and the north disagrees with the south then it stretches the north and south apart which is the definition of tension. Another way Manifest destiny increased tension between the north and south were they both had different ideas on expanding. John O' Sullivan stated, "The American claim is by right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and our democratic government entrusted to us," while the northerner William Loyd Garrison states "We are in good spirits, and serene as heaven itself, though the opposition is still formidable, and the present crisis one of no ordinary trial, especially in regard to the atrocious war with Mexico." This validates that Manifest Destiny increased tension

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