Cause And Effects Of Social Media Addiction

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The social media, such as Facebook and Twitter in common, has become a big part upon many lives, especially teens. To a certain extent, is has affected or hurt the body systems of many, such as the physical and the mental state of a person. Though I will be only looking at one aspect of social media which is Facebook, I am keen to find out what exactly causes an ‘addiction’ towards their users.
It feels awkward to leave your smart phone behind at home these days. Your pocket feels empty when you don’t bring a phone along with you. Instead of connecting with your direct family through meetings and calls, you just think that it is faster and more discreet to find out what they are or have been doing through Facebook, with the help of check-ins of locations, and from an event that was typed down like a diary asking you (What is on your mind?).
Though technology may have changed the convenience to a whole new level, it does not mean that we would be getting any better from our physical and mental state. Technology may have been very helpful, but it may now be a major concern of danger to a person’s wellbeing. What we are dependent on the most, could now be a health hazard. Social media has caused more addiction compared to a cigarette these days.
Facebook itself has created an evil menace. It has become a breeding ground for cultivating self-destructive behaviours and thoughts. Some may even think that having a huge number of friends means that person could be famous. People

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