Cause And Effects Of The French Revolution

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The period between 1685 and 1815 is known as the Age of Enlightenment. This period brought new ideas and beliefs to Europe. The new ideas would help people at the time question what was going on in Europe for over one hundred years. The ideas that came from the enlightenment would still be changing people’s minds well into the 21st century. These ideas and beliefs would cause a revolution in France, causing the French Revolution (1789 to 1799). “The French Revolution actualized the Enlightenment 's greatest intellectual breakthrough: detaching the political from the theocratic” (Mishra 3). By the peasants realizing things were unfair with Nobles, Kings, and other high social figures at the time were getting there way, like not having to pay taxes. The Enlightenment is what fueled the French Revolution, by people having new ideas about social justice. “Its leading voices combined confidence in the human mind and human enterprise inspired by scientific revolution and faith in the power of rational criticism to challenge the intellectual authority of tradition and the christian past” (Kagan 589). The French Revolution didn 't just happen one day in France, many things had to happen to start the revolution. The French Revolution was an extremely bloody event that established the praetorian regime, changing human history. France in the late 1780’s was populus and had an issue with collecting taxes such as the people in the 1st and 2nd estates (clergy, nobles, high governments
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