Cause And Effects Of The Holocaust

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Could you imagine being one of the many victims that were beaten, starved, and tortured to death in a concentration camp? The Holocaust was a genocide that took place in Germany, lasting 4 years. The leader was Adolf Hitler, who believed there was a ‘Jewish Problem’. This genocide took place from 1941-1945, in concentration camps surrounding Poland. The Nazi Party was founded in 1919 and shortly after, Hitler became the leader in 1921. Adolf Hitler’s goal was to purify the German race. The holocaust includes dehumanization, organization, polarization. The Holocaust ruined the lives of so many innocent people as well as leaving a horrific dent in history by being the worst genocide in the world. The victims of the holocaust were taken to the concentration camps by train. The families were taken from the homes, with no belongings besides what they had on their bodies, and could even be separated from each other. The victims in the camps were also known as the ‘Walking Dead’ because of their poor condition. As soon as the victims arrived they were treated very poorly. “Once the SS guards got ahold of the victims they were beaten terribly, starved, and even murdered” (The Concentration Camps: The Treatment of Concentration Camp Victims). They did this to the victims who were mostly Jews because they wanted to purify the German race. They used propaganda to spread the ideals of National Socialism. “Propaganda was used to force beliefs and religions on the public, shown through
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