Cause And Effects Of Urbanization

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Recently, global attention has been drawn to the fact that world’s population has been urbanized, triggering them to move from a rural area to an urban society. Urbanization is defined as the process by which rural areas become developed and urbanized as a result of economic development and industrialization (Naab et al., 2013). In this case, urbanization will cause the shift of a number of populations from a rural area to an urban area, which leads to an increment in the number of urban society in that particular area. According to United Nations (2008), the number of urban population will be doubled and increases from 6.7 billion to 9.2 billion between 2007 and 2050. In short, global urbanization causes a rise in the number of population in developed countries from 63% to 85% (GHEC, 2007). Available statistics show that current world’s population has reached 7 billion and will keep increasing, where more than 50% of global population reside in urban areas (Wu, 2014).
Etiology (5m)
As a matter of fact, urbanization occurs mainly because of the expansion of city boundary which engulfs the rural area. This will result in the increment of interaction of residents including smallholder farmers ' access to the city economy, job opportunities, education and technology exchange (Magigi, 2013). When the rural area has been developed, the number of migration will increase, hence influencing a higher rate of urbanization in that particular area. To date, there are currently 21

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