Cause And Effects Of Water Pollution In The Philippines

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Water Pollution is one of the major concerns that is currently increasing, not only in the Philippines, but also across the world. Industrialization, Urbanization and Damming of rivers are one of the reasons behind the contamination of water (Villahermosa, R.A., 2012). These ill activities of humans can greatly affect the water especially its chemical and biological composition which can easily be observed with its cloudiness or its turbidity. It can also cause the pH of the water to increase resulting into acids, alkaline or neutral color that are found in the water. (Moloi, 2013). Damming of rivers on the other hand has a high impact on the quality of the water. If a plant will be isolated into the water for a long time, this may cause the inclination of phosphates and other dissolved nutrients in the water or simply, eutrophication. (Moloi, 2013).
It has been said that water pollution starts to transpire when unwanted flow of liquid wastes spreads over the water source, which later on causes the change of the water quality. It has been found out that surface water contaminants have three main sources and these are namely, Natural Source; Domestic sources; and Industrial sources. The thermal and acidic flow of volcanic areas that are not common on the earth is belongs to the Natural sources. On the other hand, the laundry waste and sewage that are found on the houses, apartment and other residences are considered as Domestic source that causes water pollution (Boyd, C.E. &

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