Cause And Effects On Refugees

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The Effects of Refugee on Destination and Departure Countries
Since 2014 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced according to statistics published by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Nowadays in many Asian countries which most of them are not democratic, war, civil unrest and consequently lack of security, political activity restriction, and economic problem, hope for gaining a better life, have forced people to move to other stable, rich, and democratic countries such as European and USA countries. Refugee issues is not a new topic but in recent years the number of people who have left their countries has increased dramatically and it caused many problems for both origin and end countries and also for displacements and it has created a critical situation.
One of the tragic effects is the loss of life and consequently the mental suffering for survivors. Many immigrations risk and start a perilous journey through the illegal ways in spite of the knowing what happened for those who stepped in this way before them and also the probably deadly fate which is waiting for them. They put their life in the hands of human trafficking because they are transferred by being piled into the boats filled very more than their capacity through the rough sea and sometimes in bad weather condition and it leads the boats to overturn or sink and it results in drowning of people. It is obvious that this hazardous travel has victims in a range of ages including young couples

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