Cause And Factors And Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy

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LECTURETTE Teenage pregnancy is an important public health issue. It is common, largely preventable and associated with negative sequelae, both for the mother and the child.
There are many factors / reasons that lead teenagers to get pregnant. Some of them want to have babies. However, most of them are all unintentional. This means that even though most teens do not want to become pregnant, they are still becoming so as a result of sexual activity. The following are some of the contributing factors or causes of teenage pregnancy:
a. Absence of Parental Guidance
 Studies have shown that teenage girls are more likely to get pregnant and boys are more likely to impregnate when they do not have a parent/guardian figure to guide them at home (Maanasi, 2017). Many parents lead busy lives that prevents them from providing guidance and support that their teenagers need to make good decisions on issues such as sex (Langham,2015).
 In the absence of parental guidance or discouragement of open discussion by parents, teenagers are found to turn to their friends. The friends are likely to be as little informed as they themselves. Therefore, advise given by them are also
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