Cause And Negative Effects Of Stress

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Stress is a problem that can have detrimental effects on many people’s lives. A stressor is simple a stimulus that causes stress. Stressors can be a combination of many things that cause mental and physical pressure that a person feels. In this century the most popular stressors are work, school and self-generation. A person 's job can be a source of stress, especially because of unmanageable workloads and not being motivated in it. There are two types of unmanageable workloads. First, unrealistic deadlines such as a project which should be completed within five days can increase employees’ stress level. Stress related to unrealistic deadlines originates at the point when employees agree to take on more than they can handle, in order to solve this , employees should take a look at their schedule before agreeing to take a task which is expected to be done before the deadline, after they have agreed on the deadline they should determine how long the task will take and steps that they must accomplish to finish it. Overtime work can also lead to stress. Stress related to overwork also affect people 's family life not only work life. Stress related to working overtime increases when employees’ control over their work schedule decreases. For example, if employees are doing a lot of overtime work and the workload is also high moreover they 're also under time pressure, their stress levels can be high and it can translate into health problems and injuries. Boring work and

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