Cause, Causes, Stages And Effects Of The French Revolution

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French Revolution Essay Imagine streets full of people fighting for having their rights, because no one listened to them or cared about their lives. They made a revolution with no fear of the government or anyone that tried to stop them. That was the French revolution, started on May, 1789, lasting until November 1799. This essay is going to talk about the main causes, stages and effects of the French revolution. Before the Revolution, French was ruled by an absolute monarchy. In such political regime, the king has absolute powers and there is a very little connection between the people and the government. The people started to find that regime extremely unjust. The absolute monarchy were incapable of doing the necessary…show more content…
It was a period between 17th of July and 3rd of August in 1789. Peasants armed themselves and in some areas invaded feudal houses, leading to the abolition of feudalism. In August 26th of 1789 the assembly published the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and then they get more social equality. Then we have the third stage that is the Reign of terror, considered the most radical stage on the revolution. It was a stage on the revolution were the guillotine was used to kill thousands of people in France, that were considered enemies of the regime. The fourth and final stage was the Moderation. The government was very weak and very bad, so people was getting the feeling that French revolution didn’t bring peace, food, goods, schools etc. It was also called the age of Napoleon (from 1799-1815) because it was at this moment a man named Napoleon Bonaparte overthrown the government, in a coup known as the 18 Brumaire. He was very important for France, doing a lot of things to grant education for
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