Positive And Negative Aspects Of Cause-Related Marketing

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INTRODUCTION Marketing can be described in one way as increasing the brand value among the customers. Cause marketing is one of the best ways to do so. It'll be better if i start explaining about it with a well-known example. While buying a Classmate notebook (brand of ITC), we might have seen the description mentioning "For every four Classmate notebook you buy, Re.1 will be used for education of children". This is one among many cause marketing campaigns that we come across in our day-to-day life. (Shiksha of P&G is also an example) This study shows the literature review about both the positive and negative aspect of Cause Related Marketing.
LITERATURE REVIEW Reference 1: According to a recent research by Cone Communications, 40% of
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But, there is an increase in customer skepticism towards the cause related marketing strategy. The study shows that, the customers will start disbelieving the campaign when the company is found to be irresponsible and also when the claim is much in terms of subjective instead of being objective. The customer acceptance of the campaign is being reduced due to the increasing customer skepticism. Reference 3: This study shows that the ad with the cause related marketing concept is received well by the customers than the ad without any of such messages regardless of the connection between the brand and the cause. Also, the customers who have high brand consciousness are attracted more to the campaigns which involve better brand/cause fit. Reference 4: It’s found that the firm that uses concept of unconditional donation is the one which retained the public interest after using cause related marketing. This king of firm is considered to be the average firm. This study shows that, the firms using the unconditional donations are more attracted by the customers instead of the firm which has obligation to donate. Reference 5: The journal tells that, the Cause Related Marketing is a main factor in building loyalty among the customers and increasing the reputation. It also states that the Corporate Social Responsibility requires investment and it yields much better outcomes that can be…show more content…
It acts as a motivating factor. Making local donations and framing the messages in a more positive manner will increase the effect of cause related marketing. Reference 7: Cause marketing has become a unique and popular promotional tool for brand promotion in the past decade. Consumers get a feel that they are making a difference and the brands are getting benefitted by increased sales and publicity. A study is made which relates the size of the donation to the product price and also how the company quantifies the donation. Reference 8: This study shows the relationship between the cause related marketing and the customers attitude towards the charity which is involved. The result shows that the attitude towards the charity in negatively impacted when the attitude of the customer towards the company is negative. So, a positive fit is required. Reference 9: Being a formidable sector in the economy, the charity sector is under a pressure to improve the marketing campaign efforts. Direct marketing medium is comparatively giving more results potentially than the mass

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