Cause Of Absenteeism

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Causes of Absenteesim
Generally, the following reasons are accountable for absenteeism at work:
1. Nature of work- When work is tough and monotonous in nature, the worker gets tired physically and mentally. So he frequently remains absent without information to the employer.
2. Poor working conditions- These affect the worker’s health adversely, he is tried of work-environment and thus may remain away from work without any notice to the employer.
3. Absence of regular leave arrangement- In many factories, workers are not given leave as and when required. Naturally, workers remain absent without any intimation to the employer. Thus, absence of regular leave arrangement leads to labour absenteeism.
4. Accidents- Industrial accidents and occupational
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Absence of transport facilities- Many factories are located away from the city limits. Naturally, workers have to travel long distances. In case of any disturbance in the transport system, workers are unable to reach their place of work at the proper time and they have to remain absent.
7. Lack of interest- Lack of interest and lack of feeling of responsibility and worth-whileness are also fundamental causes of absenteeism.
8. Attraction to village life- Majority of Indian workers come from villages to towns for employment. Physically, they are in towns but mentally they are in villages. Their relatives and family members are in the villages and naturally they feel like visiting their villages often. This leads to absenteeism.
9. Alcoholism and gambling habits- A number of workers in factories are used to drinking, gambling and other habits. Such workers are unable to attend duties regularly due to such habits. This leads to absenteeism.
10. Miscellaneous causes- A miscellaneous group of causes include such factors as bad weather, another job, personal business, friends and relatives visiting from distant locations, absence of strict discipline, willful disregard of rules, religious and social festivals
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When a number of workers absent themselves, there is extra pressure of work on their colleagues who are present.
7. Workers lose wages for the unauthorized absence from work.
8. Habitual absentees may be removed from service causing them great hardship.
• Measures of Control Absenteeism The possible measures which an employer can adopt are as follows:
• There should be proper selection of right people for various jobs. While giving the jobs to workers, their aptitudes and interests should be duly considered.
• The new employees should be inducted in such a way that their critical attitude is reduced as quickly as possible to avoid absenteeism.
• An employer can provide proper working conditions so that workers may not have industrial fatigue.
• The employer should provide free or concessional transport facility to workers form their residence to the factory. This will ensure regular attendance of workers.
• Cash prizes may be given to those who are regular throughout the year.
• Punitive action should be taken against those who have the habit of taking leave without proper sanction.
• The management should take adequate safety training to minimize industrial accidents in the
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