Cause Of Antietam In The Civil War

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‘Antietam In The Civil War’ September 17,1862 by was about the fight that aganist the north and south in Sparburg,Maryland.After Union General McClellan failed to invade Richmond,Virignia,as a result he then threaten Washington DC.Confedertae General Lee sperated his army at the Pennsylvania boarder to protect contact with Virgina. After Lee lost his marching plans McClellan found them and had the advantage for sometime.However all this violence killed over 5000 people.The south managed to outsmart the North’s first line and got the victory.Textile industries were depent on the cash crop(cotton)and wanted to br recogonized by the Bristh to get acess to there industries.Antietam decleared the victory to Linlcon to issue the Emancipation Proclamation
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