Cause Of Car Accidents

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What causes car accidents? There are several ways car accidents occur here is a list of a few ways many accidents happen. Equipment Failure, Roadway Design, Poor Maintenance, and Driver Behaviour. Now let’s take a look at how several accidents occur in the UAE Sudden swerving/ lane changing, misjudgement, not enough distance given to the car in front, entering road without checking if clear, speeding, lack of attention, jumping red lights, and no lane discipline. What are ways we can prevent car accidents. Speed is a very important thing to remember while driving. It is especially important to remember to keep speed lower than your usual speed while near schools, narrow roads, and hilly areas. Laws of Motion The first law says that every object will stay at rest or in unbroken motion in a straight line unless finished by the act of an outer force. The second law explains how velocity of an object charges when it is exposed to an external force. This law explains a force to be equivalent to change in momentum per change in time. The third law is every action in nature there are two types of reactions, an equal reaction and opposite reaction. Example: if object y uses a force on object z, then object z also applies a force of the equivalent on object y. Inertia is the reason people need to wear seatbelts! A moving car and the passengers/ driver all have inertia. When the driver of the car stomps on the brakes, an unbalanced force is applied to the car.
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