Cause Of Concussions In Sports

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THE INCREASING NUMBER OF CONCUSSION IN ATHLETES ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THE FUTURE OF SPORTS In the recent years, concussions have become a common accident related to various types of sports around the globe. A concussion is a traumatic injury of the brain, they can also be as a result of a sudden blow on the body. Such a blow may cause the head to jerk back and forth in a rapid motion. This may cause a bounce or twist within the skull, which may over stretch the brain, cause cell damage and alter chemical functioning within the brain. The occurrence of such changes within the brain leads it to vulnerability to injury and increased sensitivity. Concussions in athletes are a common scenario, and some instances may pass unnoticed making such cases…show more content…
The main cause of concussions experienced by athletes is through accidental falls commonly experienced during the sport. In athletics, the common symptoms that an athlete may report are headache, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity in the nose, blared vision, memory problems and confusion. Signs associated with concussions do show up a few minutes after injury. This needs a lot of precaution since the full impact of the concussion may take some time to be noticeable. For instance, an athlete may feel slight confusion of look dazed, but hours later, they may be incapable of recalling their participation in the game. Athletes who have a prior concussion face greater risks of developing critical symptoms of concussions and that can lead to slow recovery (Agel and Harvey 319–323). On some instances, concussion can lead to permanent damage and can even become…show more content…
This occurs mainly when players take hits on their heads. A range of 17-25 miles is commonly associated with head hits, and it has a 98times greater force than the force of gravity. Most football hits are on the side of the head often covering the lower facial part. Shock waves from the hit pass through the brain and bounce back to the skull leading to a concussion on the opposite side of the source of impact. Such impacts may bruise the brain and tear blood vessels as well as leading to nerve damage. The major symptoms of concussions associated with footballers are, amnesia, confusion, ringing in the ears, loss of consciousness, convulsions and vomiting. Symptoms felt at later stages are such as depression, headache, poor circulation, irritability and memory

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