Cause Of Conflict In Ohio

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Conflict in Ohio

- Fighting often broke out between native Americans and settlers
- Settlers vs. NA
- Little Turtle of the Miamis and Blue Jacket of the Shawnees organized a resistance movement in 1791
- They were armed with British muskets and gunpowder, and drove the white settlers out of the area
- President Washington sent General Anthony Wayne into Ohio in 1794.
- Many native American groups gathered at Fallen Timbers ready to battle
- They thought Wayne would have trouble fighting because there were fallen trees everywhere, nevertheless, he persisted, and beat the native Americans.
- In 1795, leaders of many Native Americans signed the Treaty of Greenville. They gave up land that later became a part of Ohio.
- In return they got 20,000
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- Still Tecumseh and his followers continued to resist white settlement

The causes of the war of 1812

- The British supplied guns to the Native Americans and encored them to attack U.S settlements
- The ban on trade with Britain and France expired
- And they would start trade if they respected their neutrality
- France did yet Britain didn 't
- So they started trading with France]

The war hawks push for war

- Members of Congress for the South and the West called for war
- they were known as the war hawks
- War Hawks thought that Britain was still treating the U.S as if they were still a colony.
- They were willing to fight a war to defend their rights
- Henry Clay wanted to punish Britain for seizing ships and wanted to conquer Canada.
- He was a War Hawk
- War Hawks saw other advantages of war with
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The Burning of Washington and victory in Baltimore
- In the Spring of 1814, Britain defeated France.
- With the war over they had more troops available to send to America
- In August 1814, British ships sailed to Chesapeake Bay to invade the capital
- The British quickly scared off untrained Americans.
- They met very little resistance on their way to the capital
- First Lady, Dolly Madison waited for her husband in the White House
- Soon after British troops marched to the capital.
- Dolly Madison saved important papers and a portrait of George Washington
- She fled south
- Then the British set fire to the white house as revenge for burning down York
- September 13/14, 1814, the British bombarded the Baltimore harbor with rockets
- American Forces won the Battle of Baltimore, the British withdrew and the threat to the nation’s capital
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