Drug War: The Corruption In Mexico

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Corruption can be found anywhere at any time. Even dating back to the Mesopotamia Era, there has been corruption found within society. Nowadays, however, corruption has been mostly discovered in the government. Even though numerous countries’ governments are filled to the brim with corruption, Mexico’s corruption is a major world concern because it affects superpowers. Corruption within Mexico’s government is mainly due to the long drug war and police officers betraying the system. This needs to be fixed by wiping out the drug cartel and rebuilding the government. Corruption within Mexico had long existed even before Mexico was its own independent country. After being under Spain’s rule for three centuries, the country faced continuous political…show more content…
This reflects how corruption can leak leaked through the government since the beginning of a country’s formation. Political stability soon returned when the Institutional Revolutionary Party dominated the government, which was created in support of interest of workers, peasants, and other disadvantaged groups. This party supported these interests because they wanted to give back to the people who got the worst end of the governmental corruption. After World War II, the country faced great economic expansion, political stability, and the rise of the middle class. This brought even more corruption within the government and the elites since the economic boom in the late 1970s benefitted only a tiny percentage of the population. This left the poor segments of the population completely neglected. After a severe financial crisis in 1982 and the conclusion of Mexico’s and the United States negotiation regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992, a group called the Zapatista Army of National Liberation started an armed uprising, whose goals were to protest what it regarded as government failure to deal with regional social and economic problems. In 1994, the Mexican economy went into a terrible recession. This led to an increase in poverty, crime, and, of course, corruption within the country.…show more content…
With the corruption in the government being mainly caused because of the ongoing drug war, the Mexican police force had to get involved. The approaches that the police force established to try to rid corruption within the government can be seen as controversial. Let's start with the facts. “State and local forces find themselves outgunned, overwhelmed, and often purchased outright by gangsters” (Althaus Web). Police officers are underpaid, with a starting salary of less than $350 a month, and are expected to buy their own equipment, even bullets. There is also is very little respect for the police force (Thompson Web). It is also stated that “Mexico’s… federal police remain spread thin” in the drug war, causing any gains to be ineffective” (Althaus Web). Overall, even police officers admit that they “do not get good training, good equipment, and good salaries” (Thompson Web). With this in mind, no wonder some police officers fall into corruption. Since the government infrastructure is weak, it allows organized crime to easily corrupt the government form the inside (“Fighting” Web). This organized crime turned out to be federal police officers turning their back against the law and helping the drug lords. Some officers are known to take bribes and help with criminal activity (Althaus Web). Many officers do not deny that
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