Classical And Biological Theory Of Crime

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crime is an illegal act punishable by a country or state. Criminologist has worked towards investigating the causes of crime, analysing the criminal mind and putting laws in place to reduce crime. The research into the causes and control of criminal behaviour has helped us develop and understand causes and control of crime.
Criminologist came up with many theories why people commit crime I will look at Classical and Biological theory to the cause of crime. Classical theory tells us that everyone is born with free well and that human being is rational people and has understanding of the consequences to their actions. When one can choose to do as they please they may choose to commit crime. They rational calculate the pleasure of the crime verses the pain if they are punished for this crime and this means they are exercising their free will. Whereas, Biological theory tells us that some people are born criminals. This determinate is passed on by their genetics. There are also other determinates of humans behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, environmental contaminants and trauma to the brains. Classical theory is saying that if a young lady who is unemployed and has two children shoplifts
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Stopping human beings from committing crime is a very difficult task but we could use many different approaches to help reduce the number of crimes which are committed. Punishment has being the greatest deterrence to commission of crime. Classical theory say for punishment to be effective it should be swift, severe and certain. If people believe that the legal penalty will inflict more pain that the produced gain in committing crime them they would refrain from crime. Uniform police officers on patrol are also another form of preventing crime. Seeing a police officer in uniform would deter persons for wanting to commit a crime and placing offices in hot spots would help reduce

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