Direct Cause Of Deforestation Essay

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In conclusion, enlightening the citizens and the government on the dangers they pose to the world through the destruction of forests can act as a major boost for environmental sustainability (Spilsbury, 2010, p.3). The world shall benefit a lot if all the above recommendations are taken into consideration and deforestation is stopped in Indonesia. In general, the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions will go down. Basing on the history of how deforestation began in Indonesia, one can tell what led to this vice. This paper shall group the causes into two categories: direct causes, which involve all sources related to intentional deforestation to get other gains that seem more important than the natural roles of forests, and indirect causes. A good insight into these causes can give direction on what has to be done to stop deforestation in Indonesia. Direct causes of deforestation in Indonesia…show more content…
As indicated above, the clearing of forests is one of the factors that give rise to soil erosion. The eroded materials entering water bodies might carry harmful minerals that can be taken up by marine animals. If a person takes any of the affected marine animals, those minerals, including harmful ones, are transferred to their body. This can lead to death of many people or can adversely affect their health, reducing the quality of life. There is a need to make the government realize how much it will lose in the long run if it continues to allow deforestation to occur. All government institutions mandated with the responsibility of protecting forests must be accountable and very transparent in this process. The citizens have to be educated about the importance of preserving natural resources and be involved in policy formulation. Lastly, the world environmental governing bodies should take serious action against Indonesia if it continues to destroy its

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