Cause Of Failure In Success

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“Don’t let a negative attitude ruin your life.” – Dawn Williams. Allowing these negative attitudes to control your life will definitely lead you to endless failures. There are a lot of talented and intelligent person in today’s society but those persons sometimes ends up failing in life. The very reason why they end up failing is probably because of a wrong attitude. Failure in success is caused by the following factors: pessimism, lack of discipline and perseverance. Pessimism can cause failure in succeeding. When your thoughts and actions are negative, these will make your life difficult. Being a pessimist you will end up giving up in what you have started. According to Williams (2008) pessimists are those people who have low opinion in life. They tend to expect the worst in life and from others. Also, they have poor behavior in dealing with the people around them. When you are a pessimist you think that events that happens in your life such as failures are beyond your control when in fact you could have done something to avoid such bad event but you insisted that you cannot do anything…show more content…
If you have a goal and you want to succeed, but you lack perseverance then obviously nothing will happen. If you lack perseverance you would not be able to achieve the maximum success or potential of your life. Ones you failed you would not work harder to achieve it because you lack perseverance. You would not go beyond your limits because you don’t have perseverance. Lacking of perseverance will result you to success because you don’t know how to work hard for your goals. A person lacking perseverance tends to look for the easiest and a so called shortcut in order to succeed, but no matter what a person does success will never have its shortcuts. In order to succeed a person must have perseverance. You have to do your part in order to succeed and if you don’t have perseverance too bad your goals will only turn into countless
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