Cause Of Fascism

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According to fascism, all the power is vested upon the government as the executive branch. Every other branch or institution is subject to the leader. Fascism is also in most cases in the need of an enemy, this is some specific group that people under this form of leadership focus and express their hatred and anger towards. In such a case such as the Germans focused their anger and hatred to the Jews and viewed them as an inferior race. Full control of the media is taken by the leadership as well as full power in arresting everyone who disagrees. This happens without any trial. Fascist states do whatever they want and the subjects are too afraid to resist the acts even if they are heinous. This happens with full control of the media, and this…show more content…
This was all over the world. Different countries were left out of the Versailles treaty and this made them feel that they never received an equal share of the treaty. This fact led to self interest in countries proving that they were the top leaders (Kershaw, 2000. Germany and some parts of Europe preached and advocated for Nationalism and Fascism with the party building its empire on extreme nationalism. Fascism kept on promising people the restoration of their economy and this was one of the factors that popularized Hitler, Mussolini and many others as nationalists with the mind of their countries looking forward to see great improvement in their economy. As per Miron (2011)Fascism as a type of government maintained very tight control measures over all the government institutions as well as citizens. It comes as a result of nationalism, ethnic and racial purity over all other things. Rising of fascism and Adolf Hitler in Germany is rooted in the after effects of World War I. Germany was the main blame in this war, with victorious allies imposing very tough penalties on Germany. These included making Germany pay for their wartime expenses as well as its own. These crippled Germany’s…show more content…
Some of the leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini took full control of their land by reorganization of paramilitary units as well as exiling, murdering, and imprisoning former devotees. The idea of anti-Semitism lead to the rejection of Jews as an inferior race that interfered with the economy of Germany. They were the enemy in the Fascist Ideology of Germany. They were also subjected to a lot of pressure due to sponsoring of boycotts by the leadership for their businesses as well as events such as the Night of Broken Glass in 1938 and this fostered increase in violence against the Jews (Stone, 2012). In year 1935, there was the institution of the Nuremberg Laws. These placed various restrictions on Jews and their life in Germany. These included forcing them to wear specific identifying clothes in

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