Hunger: The Most Possible Causes Of World Hunger

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Our planet earth has enough food for all 7 billion people it holds and yet there are still many people who sleep on an empty stomach each night. Approximately there are 795 million people who do not get enough food and most of these are in developing countries [1]. Many children around are under nourished because of food shortage. Although there is no specific date when world hunger began or what caused it back then. Now days it is becoming a global issue as everyone is contributing to it. These causes can be natural like floods and droughts or can be caused by humans like poverty, agricultural policies affecting farmers, job inevitability, food market prices, wasting of food, war and conflict and lack of infrastructure. Almost 65 percent of…show more content…
Food price, hunger and poverty are linked together meaning that small change can cause many problems. Millions of people live hungry and weak just because they cannot buy food, cannot get enough nutrients and cannot buy land for farming [5]. In some families children are not sent to school to save money. There is also inequality in some countries making the poor weaker and vulnerable [6]. In many developing countries this is even a bigger problem as the government cannot support its people. The terrible economic system and unequal distribution of resources among the people worsens the situations. In some cases corruption in different countries affects the income of every one especially the poor and weak [7]. In the past the food was cheaper than it is now which is making more people skip meals. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has stated that the world food prices have been raised by 6 percentage in July [8]. In poor or developing countries a small increase to the prices of any food like corn can cause poor people to sell livestock and land for meals [9]. If corn prices will increase it will be beneficial for small farmers saving them from poverty but will also affect the poor [10]. The rise in food prices will clearly cause misfortune to people in…show more content…
The crops can be affected by many different ways leading to a shortage of food. This can range from drought to poor farmers or weak agricultural country. The reasons for poor farmers are bad governance, terrible policies and mass corruption in the government [11]. The poor farmers, who cannot afford a tractor, rent it which can cost them more money than buying a new one [12]. There are however many farmers who still use old methods greatly reducing their crop output just because they find new machinery strange and unreliable. Many farmers are not well trained or ill literate. They do not use better fertilizers to boost up the crop yield. The over use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will increase the chances of crop poisoning affecting the health of thoese who eat

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