Cause Of Gang Violence In The United States

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Political Factors are also considered as an important reason for gang violence. One of the reasons for people joining gangs is to find an alternative to earn money. Gangs include a lot of publicly feared members and members that has links to business elites and politicians. However, there is always a cost for earning money through gangs. Gangs often choose to rob or steal money from institutions and individuals which includes major risks. However, the money business elites and politician who exploit gangs to achieve their own aims. For them is far easier to earn and it gives a great income to the gangs. The Asian Foundation (2012), claims that politicians and businessmen often offer drugs and alcohol when gang members complete an illegal task set by these politicians and businessmen. Hence, there is a reciprocal relationship between gang members and politicians and businessmen; gang members get easy access to drugs and alcohol, while politicians and businessmen get their dirty work done by the gang members. Moreover, Criminal behavior among gang members is caused by receiving drugs and money from the politicians and businessmen for the crimes they commit.…show more content…
Gangs desire to be seen as the most powerful and dangerous gang in the territory. To gain such a status prompts gang members to pamper violence for the sake of violence resulting in the murder of innocent people or assaulting a threatening person to the gang or their member (U.S. Department of Justice, 1999). The U.S. Department of Justice (1999), reported that even if such a killing is a result of mistaken identity, the perpetrators, across all gangs, are accorded the status of being powerful or dangerous and the members automatically rise in the gang’s

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