Cause Of Genocide In Cambodia

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Genocide is among the highest ranking of dramatic catastrophic events that have ever taken place. It is the mass murder of humans usually based on the victims race, religion, or political views. There have been many genocides throughout world history. One such genocide took place in Cambodia during 1975 through 1979. After researching the political party in charge, the large amounts of casualties, and the results of the conflict, it is apparent that the genocide that took place in Cambodia was one of the worst events in human history. A major cause of a genocide is the political party in charge, or an uprising group that is trying to gain power. The Khmer Rouge was a radical communist party that was uprising in Cambodia at the time. According to Khmer Rouge, this party came to power after winning a guerrilla war. This group was set up in 1967 as the armed wing of the communist party of Kampuchea. During this time, the U.S was in the Vietnam War. Cambodia was in a pact with North Vietnam, and they had many military bases in Cambodia. The United States continuously bombed the…show more content…
The United States knew of the terrible terrible situation in Cambodia but gave little effort to help the country because the U.S. did not want to go back to where they had just got out of a war (International Response to Khmer Rouge Rule). Cambodia’s neighbor Vietnam eventually overthrew the regime. According to Cambodia 1975-1979, new civil war began and almost three decades passed before any Khmer Rouge leaders were brought to justice. According to Khmer Rouge, in the year 1997, a Khmer Leader signed a peace treaty with the Cambodian government. In 2006, the United Nations and the Cambodian government started court trials to try to punish the leaders. So far only three defendants have been convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences (Cambodia 1975-1979). Most of the group 's members have died but some are still facing their

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