Cause Of Globalization

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Has globalization contributed to causing or preventing war and conflict? Name of the Student The search for underlying causes of war has long captivated scholarly attention. Among the most frequently cited causes, one comes across human nature, class struggle, the absence of liberal values and institutions, dynamics of global and local politics. Lately, the question of whether globalization has an intensifying or diminishing effect on contemporary wars has found an echo in this line of research. Competing views on this issue remain central to debates in International Peace and Security Studies as well. These debates immediately invite us into discussions on the consequences of the erosion of state sovereignty. Accepting such an invitation will help in revealing that globalization has an indirect influence on the changing nature of contemporary wars mainly through its contributions to the erosion of state sovereignty. A conceptual stretching board into the very heart of these debates would be convenient to adequately assess this complicated issue at hand. Fortunately, Bruce Pilbeam offers an excellent summary as such and provides us with valuable insights. He details not only the main arguments of new wars thesis and its critics, but also dwells upon discussions around liberal peace thesis and fragile/failed states. While doing so, he keeps in hindsight how these viewpoints assess the influences of the interconnectedness brought about by globalization as well . Hence, it
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