Housing Crisis Causes

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Name :folasadeTadese subject homelessness seminar Topic : discuss the main causes of the current housing crisis in London and the UK What is a housing crisis? This is not about houses, but it is about the people the and capital difficulties from long-term failure to match the supply of homes to widening spectrum of demand. It is an in imbalance of demand over supply of housing Dave Hill (2013). The dramatic housing price started in the last 1990`s in many countries like London and United Kingdom. 80,000 children are living in temporary accommodation. We can say that London housing is in a state of crisis never because they are struggling to deliver enough homes for the current population. United Kingdom has…show more content…
The pressure to address the UK`s housing crisis grows ever stronger with number of radical solution being put forward to ease the strain. One of the solution to free up family housing by offering elderly people tax breaks to move into smaller homes. More than half of over 65s fall in this category which result in hoarding housing. There is some argument that people have work hard to buy their own home, so they lived whatever size that pleasing them. They said that government should give tax incentives to elderly people to downsize and make sure there is suitable homes for elderly. The Guardians say people who live in a big house should loss 25% council tax discount available to single people. Kate Barker non -executive director of Taylor Wimpey(2016) said I don’t think there is housing crisis but what I thought is that the housing market is delivering very well for some people and very bad for other that affect equality. She said the way to fix housing crisis is that you tax people who are having good income than those with lower incomes. She talked about housing benefits and social rent, the increased in council tax rate on higher valve homes need to take into consideration when selling residenceshome. Government need to intervene at the areas of urban extensions and new towns which combined Central and Local…show more content…
He said with the country in a midst of biggest housing crisis there are some changes that need to be made that is building more homes is obvious, greater investment, public and private is very crucial. Reform our Land market which act as a barrier to expanding housing supply. A focus of on building success as part of regeneration is essential. He also, wrote that increasing the competition and the range of institution that deliver new homes must be a priority revitalising the role of local government to build new council homes to increase the output custom-build and co-operative housing. Roger Harding head of policy shelter wrote about “build new garden cities” he said let have a housing policy coining vision and scale of the new Town with more modern aspiration. Bruce Dear

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