Causes Of Homosexuality

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The term homosexuality in layman’s language simply means the act of having same sex relationship. However , in a legal perspective and more specifically from the case of state v Rose,(1963),justice don worth of the supreme court of Washington viewed homosexuality in his judgment as; having sexual inclination towards individuals of one’s own sex rather than the opposite sex. The origin of homosexuality has never been established as to whether it comes from a single source .Researchers and scholars credit each continent in the world to have some element of homosexuality. In their work they give evidences on the traces of homosexuality practices in each very continent.
What could be the cause of homosexuality? Is it biological
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The issue has caused a lot of differences among countries with divergent views on it .Basically ,countries banning homosexuality argue out on morality and societal norms as the basis for not allowing homosexuality .The Uganda anti gay –homosexuality act ,2014 which speaks of homosexuality as rotten and immoral, for example speaks on life in prison on homosexual relationships in Uganda .It further includes provisions for Ugandans who engage in same sex relations outside of Uganda asserting that they may be extradited for punishment back to Uganda .It also includes penalties for companies ,media organizations that advocate for gay rights. Back home in Kenya a new bill ‘the anti-gay bill ‘,was recently drafted by an Adventist member of parliament (Edward onyong’a nyakeriga).In the bill it is stated that Kenyan offenders of homosexuality would be awarded life imprisonment while foreigners will be stoned to death . In his view he states that homosexuality is not an African practice and has been introduced by unsavory elements. In as much as countries go on to ban homosexuality on the basis of protecting their morality and other societal norms, they are met with a lot of uncountable challenges. Mostly by being denied foreign aids and funds .This is so because most counties that have legalized homosexuality are developed who eventually impose strict measures to its beneficiaries who have banned the act .This can be termed as a form of neo colonialism because it’s a move against the sovereignty of the particular nations that stand with their own moral decisions. African nations to be more specific are caught in the middle of thought as to whether allow homosexuality in order to benefit from the good relationship with homosexual –legalized –nations or ban it to protect its morals?. Well is Africa ready to go beyond its moral

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