19th Century Imperialism

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According to the spread of imperialism, many empires use military force or coercion to control other countries actively, then to build colonies in other countries. Those practices of empire are so called ‘Imperialism’. Imperialism has become the driving force of many important historical events since ancient time. Before we trying to consider many important global issues, such as globalization, income gap etc. We should have belief understanding to the cause of those issues. Then we can easily found that one of the common points of those issues is ‘imperialism’. Although the force of Imperialism had slack up, it still influencing the structure of contemporary world. Imperialism brought positive and negative impacts for contemporary world.…show more content…
The empires also built schools in colonies and improve the medical level in the backward countries. Imperialism has significant contribution to form modernization and industrialization of the undeveloped countries at that time. The British Empire also brought technology to India, such as railroad, canals, telephone etc. (Maier, 1968) It helped to fasten the modernization of India. Before the aggression of imperialism toward Qing in the nineteenth century, Qing Empire were implemented the policy of isolationism. China was fall behind of the western countries seriously because of this policy. China was forced to learn from western countries after being defeated in wars. It has repealed the policy of self-sufficiency which Qing pursued that time. China’s revolutionist has the chance to learn the theory of revolution, such as democracy, constitutionalism etc. it helps to build the People’s Republic of China. Undeniably, it is one of the main cause of fasten the modernization of…show more content…
The spread of different culture was embodied in language, religious and architecture etc. For example, the British architectures that left in Hong Kong and the Portuguese architecture that left in Macau, those buildings are important cultural heritages. It affects the living style of colonists until now. Although Moreover, Christianity has been spread in Asia, at the same time, Confucianism, Hinduism and Buddhism can also spread to Western countries. Although the culture of empires had been spread in colonies compulsively at the beginning, it created the context that is good for academic and cultural exchange. It helps to achieve the cultural globalization.
Although the imperialism also brought positive effects to their colonials, but it is not good enough to cover the scars they brought to the colonials. Most people have negative impression towards ‘Empire’ and ‘Imperialism’.

Conclusion In conclusion, in the long process of history, everything that happened in the past will affect the later generations more or less. Imperialism as a main doctrine that had been existed for several centuries must have affected the world today. The influences of imperialism could be directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is hard for people to identify what is structuring by imperialism exactly. After the example that mentioned above, we may have some sort of comprehensive of how imperialism had been structured the world
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