Gilded Age Industrialization Essay

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Industrialization was the key to the modern United States. Immigrants, who migrated from their countries and came to America to seek a new life. The United States was known as the Gilded Age. This came to be from the experiences of workers and residents in New York City, or urban cities. As industrialization provided many benefits and interests to America’s era, it resulted in many risks and losses. Horrible outcomes came from the roots of industrialization. The inauguration of industrialization impacted the United States significantly in many ways. As immigrants were arriving to urban cities daily, the population increased tremendously. As the population increased, the city was overflowed with immigrants who were uneducated, poor,…show more content…
during the 1870s to the 1890s. The term gilded refers to the appearance of a valuable good shape objects or place, but from the inside lies deep dark, dirty and invaluable from underneath. This term was told by Mark Twain, whom was stressing about the appearance of the U.S. from the outside but not worrying about its inside problems. As the increase of factories and industries rise, cities grew rapidly fast in the late 1880s. Many people were paid low salaries for many working hours. Health hazards were a big issue in the factories. Many workers were injured or dead due to factory incidents. The factory owners weren’t responsible for their lives, so it wasn’t well addressed to the public as an issue. However, labor workers created labor unions to address their issues to the factory owners and to the government, they protested to seek their needs first and for better wages. Many factories ignored and tried not to pay that much attention. However, the labors used forces such as picketing, sabotage, collective bargaining, closed shop, and strikes. As a result, when the government paid attention to the outcome of the protest, workers were shot by the factory owners, they decided to step in and deal with the problem. President Grover Cleveland demanded the government to send in military soldiers to solve the issues and stop the protests. As a result, the protests ended and many factories were shut down. The outcome
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